Hello Tablet!

The life of a Programmer/Writer is exciting!  We frequently have the opportunity to be learning new technology and stretching our abilities as both developers and writers.  I have recently finished working on a project for Windows Internals and now will be shifting over to work on the Tablet PC SDK.  As part of this technology shift, I will be ramping up on developing unmanaged Tablet applications / documenting the any planned unmanaged Tablet PC enhancements.  In the hopes of documenting my progress I will try to post a few entries here on developing with Tablet PC as I learn.  The first thing that I have done is really just get Tablet controls working from Visual Studio 2008 to verify that my build envirnoment is functional.  This so far has been braindead easy thanks to a great tutorial I found that was written by Gavin Gear.  Hopefully this quick success kick-off will continue and I'll have original demonstrations by March!