More E3 thoughts on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo announcements

Sony has made a few disappointing announcements (if you are a Sony fan).  The biggest one is that their console will cost $600.  This is a big deal because for that price, you will be able to get an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii (Core System for the 360 at current pricing).  Sony has a lot of catching up to do with the 360 now, and Microsoft's projection of 10,000,000 units sold before they get to market is another call for them to shape up.  This is make or break time for Sony.  Sony's announcement of "wiggle" input from their controller was not well received by the press or the public and it looks very gimmicky in comparison to the elegance of the Wii controls.

Nintendo continues to show lots of promise with their Wii system.  They are remaining budget focused, which means no Hi-Def content on this puppy, but their sell is that their games will be fun (and I think they will be) and that they will draw more non-gamers into playing games.  I for one am thinking of getting my parents a Wii system to see if I can get them gaming.  The interesting part is that the Wii could be a "gateway" system that could bring in tons of consumers to the video game market space.  In other words, the Wii could sell Playstations and Xboxes if it opens non-gamers eyes to the fun of interactive entertainment.  The DS still looks to be a very strong performer -- I for one will be buying a DS lite this year.

Microsoft made many unexpected announcements.  The "Live Anywhere" service announcement could be hit or miss.  There is much potential for this service and I'm sure we'll be hearing much more about it in the next few months.  Another big announcement was the game lineup announcement:  Lumines for Live, GTA4 on the 360 first, a few other classic arcade titles for Live (Ultimate MK3!!), Halo 3....  The lineup for the 360 is pretty solid, and Microsoft flexed this pretty well at their announcement.  We will be hearing from more Microsoft fan boys after this generation.