OMG Swamped!

I have been totally swamped lately with work and school and have been slacking on keeping my blog up to date.  A few interesting Microsoft releases have happened in the last few weeks and I figured I'd quickly highlight them:

The Microsoft Zune!  -  I am proud that we were able to get this product to market on time, there are going to be a few kinks in the shipping firmware but I'd imagine these will be ironed out while they crop up.  It's a good thing the firmware updates are possible on this platform.

Gears of War - Yes, I pre-ordered and yes, it totally pwns me.  Beautiful, beautiful game.  I tried to keep my expectations low so I would be blown away -- I could't avoid the hype though so a few of the surprises were spoiled :-(

Viva Pinata! - A 360 title I haven't picked up but maybe will soon... This is the title that should hold Rare over until they release the next Banjo Kazooie.

A final mention, Small Arms on Xbox Live is amazingly awesome.  I was totally surprised at how much fun this game is.  If you have a 360, this is a must get title.

And that's all for now, I still need to get caught up with work and finals are just 2 weeks away.