5 Years!

Hard to believe, but I’ve been at this job for 5 years as of today. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs as a Developer Evangelist, but it’s a measure of how great this job is that it hardly seems possible that 5 years have passed already.

I am enormously grateful to have one of the best jobs at Microsoft, and part of what makes it great is the terrific people in the developer community that I get to work with. I am truly blessed by all of you.

I’m in the process of scheduling my user group visits for the next year, and if we haven’t talked, and you’d like me to come to your group, please drop me a line.

Thanks to all of the great folks in Mid-Atlantic who run user groups, code camps, firestarters, and all kinds of events and opportunities to share knowledge with one another (and with me, as I’m always learning from smarter people than me).

I’m looking forward to my next 5 years at Microsoft, and hoping that it will be spent, as were my first 5, working with the best community in the world!