Friday Potpourri: Azure, Bing Maps, Oomph, and more

I’ve been collecting some links to share with my readers for a bit, so without much ado, and in no particular order is some tech potpourri…enjoy!

Azure Pricing comparison:

Azure special offers:

UPS Locator, powered by Bing Maps:

Bing Maps 3D, WPF, and Windows 7 Multitouch:

ZuneHD profiles for Windows Live Movie Maker:!2F7EB29B42641D59!42739.entry

Silverlight 4 webcam support with the Touchless SDK:

Arduino Experimentation Kit:

Oomph Microformats Toolkit refreshed:

Learn programming with XNA…written by an MVP:

Silverlight Templates from Template Monster:

TekPub - preview of Mastering jQuery:

Pete Brown talks to Mike Wolf and Rick Barazza about cool Silverlight and WPF projects, including the Star Trek Experience for Surface and Stop Motion with webcam in Silverlight 4: