Happy 30th Atari 2600!

Dave points out an anniversary of interest:


Debuting in 1977 at $199 it brought gaming into the family household in a big way.  I remember getting a used Atari 2600 from an ad my parents found in the paper (200 Bucks was a lot to spend on electronics back then!).  I think it came with a couple cartridges - Missile Command (still my favorite 2600 game of which I still play now on Xbox Live), Dragracing, and Shootout.

I find it hard to believe that we ever paid that much for a console as limited as the 2600...of course, at the time, it was as advanced as you could get. And cheap compared to some of the earliest PC models. In any event, I certainly did get many hours of enjoyment out of the blocky graphics, small number of colors, and cheesy sounds. Pitfall Harry has never played better than he did on the 2600.

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