List of AJAX Automated Testing and Debugging Tools

Since I've been posting a lot of fun and/or gadget stuff lately, I thought I'd offer up some goodness to those craving a bit more technical meat. Dan Wahlin has a great lineup of automated testing tools for AJAX that is definitely worth a read:

While there are a lot of testing tools out there to look for bugs, test a Website's scalability and perform unit tests, precious few seem to handle automating the testing of AJAX applications.  As a result, I wanted to start a list of tools that support automated testing of AJAX applications as well as debugging.  If you have other tools or applications you know of or something listed is out of date please add a comment to the blog and I'll get the information added/updated.

Got any faves that aren't on the list? Drop 'em here, or in Dan's comments.

Updated: List of AJAX Automated Testing and Debugging Tools - Dan Wahlin's WebLog