Office Hours: Come Test Your Windows Phone 7 App at CMAP Code Camp!

I will be holding Office Hours tomorrow at the CMAP Code Camp in Columbia, MD. I will be at the code camp all day, and will have my Windows Phone 7 device with me, ready to deploy your application so we can test it on actual hardware. You can find me in the main room (where the keynote and lunch will take place), where I’ll also be recording live for the Community Megaphone Podcast.

So if you have a Windows Phone 7 application you’d like to test, bring me the XAP file on a USB stick, and we’ll get it tested. And if the app is cool, and you’d like to talk about it, we could even record a segment for the podcast.

Either way, stop by and say “hi”. I’ll have a sign up for the podcast, so I should be easy to find.