PAFox April Meeting

From my friends at the Potomac Area FoxPro Users Group:

Next Meeting:

Thursday, April 6, 2006 @ 6:30:pm

Feature Topic:

Building a Centralized Fax Server into your VFP App

Presented By: Don Rapp
Summary I will show how I was able to implement using WinFax10 to create a fax-server solution for a client's VFP application. This allows a single machine with a fax/modem to poll and send out faxes for all user running a VFP app. All reports available in the application have multiple output options including PDF, Fax and email. The fax server is also set to send email response back to user based on result of fax transmission as an email, yet also allow the fax-server to receive emails and send as attachments to a single person acting as a "monitor" and distributing to appropriate personnel. This could be a low-cost solution at $60 for WinFax, and a bit of development time with principles and techniques developed here.

Details here.