PowerPoint On The Zune

This sounds intriguing:

PowerPoint Presentations On The Zune

One of the things that I started using my Zune for within days after I bought it is PowerPoint presentations. By using pictures as slides the Zune is surprisingly effective for this task if you follow a few guidelines and best practices. Going forward I will refer to JPEG-pictures as slides but from a Zune point of view these are of course pictures.

What Makes The Zune So Great As PowerPoint Presentation Device?

Now before you scoff at this idea look at what the Zune has to offer:

  • Zune has 30 Gigs of storage space – at 100KB a slide that’s roughly 300,000 slides that fit onto it.
  • Zune has external video output – both NTSC (US) and PAL (most of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, parts of Southamerica), for more on NTSC/PAL check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL, also most SECAM TVs (France, parts of Africa) are able to process PAL signals.
  • Zune is small and compact – sure beats lugging a notebook around.
  • Zune can play a soundtrack to your slide show – if you are good at it you could even create a presentation narrative with cues for you to move on to the next slide.

I'd heard about using JPGs as a way to do eBooks on the Zune, and I've tried (with mixed results) syncing webcasts with slides onto the Zune, but this looks like a quite useful way to do a presentation on the Zune.

CyberRoach: PowerPoint Presentations On The Zune