Reston Code Camp Thanks

Sorry for the recent radio silence, folks. I was down for several days with a nasty cold last week, and I'm still playing catch-up.

One of the most important things on my plate is to say a big THANK YOU to all the folks responsible for putting together last weekend's Reston Code Camp, which was a big success! Among those responsible:

Brian Noyes of iDesign and Vishwas Lele of AIS, who took on the bulk of the organizing, and did it on top of their existing workloads (and both of them are busy guys, being experts in their fields). They deserve a great deal of credit for a fun event.

Eldon Seifert and all the volunteers. Once again, Eldon led the check-in crew and kept things well-organized and smooth.

All of the speakers, who gave of their time to help their peers learn a few new things.

I really appreciate all of the efforts everyone put into this, and it's always a pleasure to see it all come together. I'll be posting pictures from the event to the Mid-Atlantic Code Camp website sometime this week.

Keep watching for information on future code camps, and check out the downloads page for slides and code from past events.