Wiimote + Excel = COOL!

OK, so I realize most people don't equate Excel to cool, other than perhaps some twisted CPAs (apologies to any readers who may also be CPAs), but in this case, I think we have to make an exception:

I am doing more and more Wiimote integration. Buttons are easy. But how to analyze the motions? How can you know what to respond to? To assist with this I have written WiiWatcher. It logs input and allows you to graph the results. So if you want to know what the results look like when you swing it like a sword, it is now easy. Swing away and see the results! You can then use this to detect the action in your program.

I'm not an Excel geek, by any stretch, but I'm definitely going to have to try this...having played with some of Chad's other stuff for the Wii remote, I think he's onto something cool.

Wiimote + Excel = WiiWatcher [Kudzu World]