Windows Mobile Development Hands-on Webcast

Yes, you read that right...I said "hands-on" webcast. It's an interesting idea, and here's the scoop from the mobility folks in Redmond:

The MSDN Webcast and Virtual Labs teams are joining forces and offering a special featured Windows Mobile 5.0 “Hands-On” Live Meeting webcast!  Be one of the first to join this Live Meeting as we guide you on how to develop managed applications for Pocket PC/Smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0. 

This webcast will show you how trouble-free it is to leverage your existing .NET development skills to create first class mobile solutions.  After walking through this webcast with the presenter, you will have a solid understanding of managed development for mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smartphone.  You will also be able to use the new Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs, understand how to use the Device Emulators, and share common codes between devices.  As the presenter discusses these topics, you will be provided a virtual lab to perform the tasks yourself with step-by-step guidance during the session; the hands-on aspect will help you gain an experienced-based knowledge of this product. 

Sign up for our “Hands-On” webcast “Guided Hands-On Developing Managed Applications for Pocket PC/Smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0” which will broadcast at 9:00 a.m. PST on August 9, 2006.  There will be limited seating so register now at: