Web Services Test Automation Guidance using VS 2010 - Unit Test & Web Test

All your wait is over. Finally its out :)   http://www.webservicestesting.codeplex.com/

<<Please refer to Web Services Automation Guidance (VS 2010 Unit Test
& Web Test).PDF http://webservicestesting.codeplex.com/releases/view/78473#DownloadId=312126
for detailed documentation>>

The artifact will provide Web Services Automation guidance for Functional
& Performance Testing leveraging VS 2010. The document will provide
recommendation on using either Unit Test or Web Test for functional testing
depending on your project and test objective as will be later covered in the
document. Load Test will be used for Performance Testing in both cases.

The primary objective is to propose a viable web services test automation
approach & reusable libraries to customers, partners and consultant. It will
also be a step in standardizing web services automation using VS 2010 platform
across the Industry and filling the gaps by extending our tools as suggested in
the talk. The document can also be used as a quick jump start guide for
beginners to get started on Web Services Automation Testing.

Have fun guys. We want to hear from you.


Raj, Vipul, Ranjit &  Gunjan