Calling All C++ Developers

Ok, that's sort of like a marketing thing where I put a headline out there just to get you to read my post.  Sorry, but I have a very serious question to ask you and I need your feedback.

For those of you who are developing using Microsoft's Visual C++ in either version of Visual Studio, it should be safe to say that you are now familiar with the direction that the C++ product group is heading with the language.  The will be an increased focus in native development.

As a result, this has the potential to impact our certification story.  Traditionally, we have created our exams around a technology certification with versions of that exam for C#, VB and C++.  C# and VB exams outnumber C++ exams in regards to numbers of people taking the exams.

This leads me to ask, for the time being, these questions.  I may have more later or as a result of your responses.

1) Do you as a C++ developer place value on certification?

2) If yes to question 1, is your preference for certification on just the language or on the technology such as Windows developer etc.?

3) Is there value to you in having a generic C++ certification?

4) If you are seeking certification on .NET technologies, do you do so in C++ or do you shift to C#?


As always, your comments and opnions are welcomed and valued.