ClearWire Inbound Ports

As I continue my experiences with ClearWire, I am running across more items that are actually issues for me.  I run a web server where I test technologies and code samples etc.  I want to be able to test these from systems outside my own network to check for throughput, response times etc. 

I also run my own Microsoft Exchange mail server, again for development and testing purposes of applications I develop. 

ClearWire does not allow port 80 or 25 from what I have been able to determine so far.

I am also using one of Microsoft's new products, soon to be available to the public, known as Microsoft Windows Home Server.  I have not been able to get it to work through ClearWire yet either.

Now, in all fairness to all parties involved, I have not spent more than 10 to 15 minutes trying these.  We just moved into our new house at the end of August and I am still in the middle of setting up infrastructure and services like satellite tv, networking all computers, getting phone service working satisfactorily.

By the time I get this all completed, my Verizon DSL service "should" be connected and I can switch back to that provider.  1.5MB to 3MB download should make a difference again.  We'll see.