Is There an Exam for Team Foundation Server 2008?

Not quite yet.

Currently I am in discussions and working with the TFS product group on what is taking place with this.  In our initial discussions, we wanted to refresh the exam however, it's never as simple as that.  For example, to maintain standards, if we change the exam design, we have to create a brand new exam.  So, that's not a good thing.

What we are doing is evaluating the changes to the product and how they fit into the overall exam design that exists today.  If we can make changes to the content, ie questions, to address the new features, without changing the exam outline, that is the easiest and most preferred route.

It creates some other problems however. 

1) What do we call the exam? 

2) Is it valid for 2005 and 2008 or just 2008?

3) If it is only valid for 2008, do we keep two exams in market that are relatively similar?

4) Do we rename the existing exam after the changes and have it valid for both versions?

5) If we do that, what about those who have already taken the 2005 version?  Do we change their certification?  But wait, they haven't taken the 2008 components so how can we?

These and many other questions need answering before we make the final decision as to what will happen with it and with any luck, we'll get there before the next version of the product releases.  :-)