New Exam for Windows Embedded

Even though Windows Embedded has been around for some time, there hasn't been a Microsoft certification program for it per se.  We have exams on WIndows Mobile 5.0 and will be releasing exams on 6.0 as well, but for the hardcore Windows Embedded (CE, XP and POS) market, there hasnt't been much in the way of exams.

This is about to change.  We have started the development of an certification exam that will be targeted at this specific sector of the industry.  The subject matter experts in the room helping us with the design of this exam are super excited that there will finally be an exam and certification for them to help prove knowledge and skills in the ever growing market of embedded development.

This is perhaps one of the hardest exams to develop that I have been involved in.  One would think that with the size of the .NET framework that exams on that subject would be more difficult however, the many tools and specific features of the embedded world, make this a very complex topic to test on.

I am confident that with the experts we have in the room, we will create a solid design from which to produce a top quality exam.

Stay tuned for announcements about the availability of a beta exam for this and get an early chance to become certified in the Windows Embedded space.