Quick Update

Sorry for the late responses this past week.  I was on vacation last week and my wife told me there was to be no computer time related to work at all.  Of course, with doing home study for ground school for a private pilot certificate takes up a fair bit of time at home so it wasn't much of a stretch.

So a quick update as to what's up in the certification world at Microsoft.  Today, we just completed the item selection and standard setting for 70-432, the SQL 2008 DBA exam and tomorrow, we will complete the same session for the BI exam, 70-448.

For those of you who took the exams, I'd like to inform you that you all failed.  Not really.  I do want to thank you for the comments and the detail in them however.  The SMEs we had in the room were in agreement on most of them and as a result, we reached consensus on the questions that needed to be removed.  Some will have small wording changes made to reflect your suggestions, where the changes will not impact the question outcome or score.

I will be attending two trade shows this fall and hope to meet up with some of you that may be in attendance at either PDC in LA in October and TechEd EMEA in Barcelona in November.  Obviously for TechEd, I will be there during dev week.  If you're there, please stop by the Microsoft Learning booths for a chat and introduce yourself.