SQL Server 2008 Certifications Make My Head Hurt

Well, at least trying to decide the certification story.  I haven't taken the exams for 2005 yet, let alone 2008.

SO, early thoughts on where the SQL story might go are causing some churn, concern and heartburn.  Be that as it may, I am considering, note I didn't say creating, the following story.  Tell me what you think.

For MCTS on SQL;

1 - TS on DBA (Database Adminstrator)

1 - TS on DBD (Database Developer)

1 - TS on SQL BI


For Pro;

1 - Pro DBA

1 - Pro DBD

1 - Pro BI


My question is, in your organizations, is there a true, clear distinction between a database administrator and database developer?  Are they the same person or seperate roles?

Orgs I have worked in before Microsoft had both.  For example, just before I came to MS, I was a DBA/DBD for a consulting company.  I was also a developer pimarily but, when it came to our SQL installs, I did the installation, backup, security etc., all the admin stuff.  Plus I also wrote stored procs, views, triggers, dealt with indexes, file groups, partioning, DTS etc.  The main reason was because I was the only SQL guy there.

Now, larger orgs have more than one SQL person on staff and I have been told by numerous SQL people already that there is a clear distinction between the two roles.

As always, your opinions and comments are welcome.

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to go skiing.