TechEd Developers Barcelona Was Great!

After a long trip back home, and an even longer time getting dug out from under a week's worth of email and work put on hold, I finally find time to post to my blog.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the MCTs who helped us staff the Microsoft Learning booth.  You did a fantastic job being the experts for all the questions that were thrown at you.  Seriously, you guys ROCK!

Many thanks also to those in attendance who understood our certification story and expressed support for our direction.  I know it isn't complete yet but stay tuned for more on that as we get our communication plans in place.

I did manage to visit La Ramblas, not once but twice just for good measure.  Sampled the local cuisine including seafood and other local dishes.  Share a pitcher of Sangria with a good friend and co-worker, Greg Weber, and just got to take in the local culture.

So, I know there are many who will want to read my posts about certification and I promise to start including more posts related to that.  Keep this in mind.  I will not post for the sake of posting.  When I do post, I want it to be true and accurate and provides you with relevant information.