Visual Studio 2008 Cert Story Almost Complete

I know a lot of you are waiting for this and I do apologize for the delay.  The issue with this current certification path is in the changes reflected in the product, coupled with the Technology Specialist certifications that are about to release.

Early next year, right around the official product launches of Visual Studio, SQL Server and Server 2008, you will see 5 new TS level certifications.   Well 3 for sure and possibly 5.

These certifications are focused on specific aspects of .NET 3.5.  Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow, ADO.NET and ASP.NET.  The two latter certs being the later released of the five.

As a result, these 5 TS certifications have a tendancy to muddy the waters for not just the Professional level space, but also blurring the lines between, or potentially eliminating, the 3 previous silos of Windows Developer, Web Developer and Enterprise Developer.

Although the 5 TS certs do have some mapping to each of these silos, there isn't a clear picture of where they belong.  This is why I asked the question in an earlier post about the term Web Developer and what comes to mind.

We have comitted internally to a time frame for this final story, and once that is communicated inside MSL, we will formulate the necessary communication out to you.

Comments are welcome on your opinions and how you use these technologies in the real world.