What’s Up With the New MCPD Exams?

There was a question posted over on Trika’s blog about the new .NET 3.5 pro exams based on the Prep guides.

Michael basically asked,

“In .net 2.0, Pro exams there was a heavy focus on testing, design and the theoretical part of software development. When I check the prep-guide for the .net 3.5 pro exams, I don't find any of those in there.

Did MS completely remove those aspects of the pro certification in .net 2.0?”

Well, technically, the pro level exams never did include content for software testing nor did they really cover the SDLC.  What you see on these exam prep guides is the result of your peers, sitting in a focus group/design session, and determining what is important for testing candidates on in the real world in relation to that technology.

Keep in mind that these exams are not the equivalent of 70-300 nor are they intended to be.  The Pro level exams are intended to test a candidate’s ability to make technology decisions for a specific product implementation or software application project.   They need to understand the technology from a hands-on perspective prior to taking these exams.  The Po level exams are designed to test the when, where and why style of decisions and questions.

We are already working on plans for an exam(s) aimed at software testing, security for developers and MSFv4.   As a result, you will not see those topics covered or to any great length at least, on the MCPD exams.