After Data in SOA, Data in the context of Internet Scale app

There isn't a day now that I don't see some emails/posts/blogs on data related issues. A few days ago I wrote about data in the context of SOA, I also blogged about a Gatner webcast on this topic.

Today I saw Dare's post discussing data issues in the context of Internet-Scale Applications, surfacing among other things, challenges around dynamic schemas, dynamic partitioning and a required evolution in indexing strategy.


John was telling me the other day that Data might very well be the Achilles' heel of SOA, looks like it might be the Achilles' heel of large scale Internet application (and therefore SaaS).


The good news is that if you are a "data" guy and felt for a while that all these "object" guys were eating your lunch, or that all these "service centric" discussions were missing the (data) point; it looks like you will be doing soon a triumphal come back.


Data independent applications manipulating all the data related stuff in the application logic… I don't think so :)