Business or Technology?

Today I took my parents (visiting from Europe) and my kids to Redmond Town Center. While they were having pastries whose sizes only exist in the US, I quickly went to Border’s.

While I was walking towards the Computer section and see what latest book they had on RoR, AJAX or any other trendy Web 2.0 technology (thy shoult know your competition) I saw in the magazine section the Harvard Business Review Reader’s 2005 Guide.

I was undecided… should I learn more about some technological aspect of Web 2.0 or should I learn more about the business trends and explosive ideas that will shape our future?
I ended up picking the HBR issue which included the guide. Three reasons for that:
(a) I decided that during these holidays I would spend some time reading about topics I tend to read less about (I do a lot of technology readings throughout the year)

(b) By better understanding the business trends, it will be potentially easier to frame these new technologies in a business context and therefore reducing the amount of tremendous hype they are now going through

(c) I figured that I would learn the technologies better by downloading the bits and play with them instead of reading a book.