No Hobbits but great chat with Lukas

When I went to New Zealand I did not manage to see any hobbits but I had the pleasure to record an ARCcast i.e. architecture podcast (direct link to podcast here) with Lukas Svoboda; not too surprisingly, we discussed Software + Services and SaaS from an Architect's point of view.  The talk covers various aspects such as:

  • What is the difference between “Software plus Services” and “Software as a Service”
  • Explore the different audiences of S+S/SaaS: Builders, Hosters and Enterprise Consumers
  • Explore the focus of many SaaS providers around purely being web based applications
  • How Microsoft technologies aid S+S initiatives
  • The significance of SOA to S+S/SaaS

Link to the podcast here
Link to ARCast New Zealand post here
Link to Mark Carroll commenting on this podcast here