Orlando here I come...

SRV205 powerpoint presentation? check
x64 demo? check
x64 movie? check
WS-Management demo? check
Infocard demo? check
IIS7 demo? check
backup of all that on external USB hard drive? check

Looks like I've got all I need for my Monday presentation in Hall A. It's the first time I will be presenting in the big Hall @ TechEd... it will be FUN!

What about my other session (ARC315)? Well, powerpoint deck is ready (well almost, there are a couple of things I still want to tweak, but don't tell the track owner, he thinks that I'm all good :) )

There won't be demos in that one (actually I might reuse the Infocard one, as it is quite a good demo for explaining the concept of claim-based access control... besides a demo always wakes up the audience, so I can't lose)... the presentation will picture a world beyond the current 4 tenets of Service Orientation, making a case that these tenets although fundamental are only the guiding principles of 1 of the 5 pillars enabling Connected Systems applications; by the way, I will also discuss why I use the term Connected Systems and not SOA....