Pillar 1: Messaging

> In the next following days I plan to write a series of short articles

What I meant was: sometime in a few weeks, I will be writing a few posts provide additional information about the pillars… :-); I suppose next time I will not to mention when the next post will be… one can only lose at that game. Anyway, back to the 5 pillars:


5 pillars


Pillar 1: Messaging

Arguably the most fundamental pillar, this pillar enables the connectivity among all the heterogeneous systems. It is because of the connectivity among all these systems (that this pillar enables) that the other pillars are required. Service orientation princiles and related technologies such as WSE and Indigo being already extensively covered, I will be brief:


Role of this pillar:

  • Enable to connectivity of heterogeneous systems in a standard, firewall friendly way.

The capability required from this pillar is:

  • Secure, Reliable, Transacted messaging

The tenets (or design principles) of this pillar are:

  • Boundaries are explicit 
  • Services are autonomous
  • Services share schema and contract 
  • Service compatibility is based on policy

Much more detailed information about these tenets can be found here.

The windows platform technologies supporting this pillar are:

  • 2003 wave: ASP.NET (.asmx)
  • 2005 wave: ASP.NET + WSE 2.0 (soon 3.0)
  • Longhorn wave: Indigo

Soon… pillar 2: Identity and access