SaaS podcast on Computerworld

A couple of weeks ago, Fred and I did an interview discussing our whitepapers and previewing our session at SaaSCon. Below a copy-paste from the web site where the podcast is published.

Technology questions to ask your SaaS provider

By SaaS Advantage on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 9:33pm

SaaS requires a fundamentally different approach to provisioning and supporting software. The computing infrastructure must not only be a robust, 24X7 framework, but the software platform needs to provide a high degree of security, data integrity and flexibility to accommodate the needs of multiple users with different priorities. In this preview of their Sept. 25, 2006 session at SaaScon, Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong of Microsoft discuss the work they've done defining different classes of multi-tenant architectures and offer advice customers can use in negotiating service level agreements.

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