SaaS Sample Application Finally HERE!

It took us a bit more than expected, but a few minutes ago, we released Litware HR: our SaaS sample application.

The sample is a fictitious HR application, but what matters is not what it does, but how it does it. Architected as a single instance multi tenant solution, this application embodies many of the architecture principles we have published in our whitepapers [1] [2] and show how Microsoft technologies can be used for successfully build SaaS solutions.


But enough talking about it... and let's move to the "goods":


Repository of the code and related documentation (including webcasts):

Community site where architects and developers can discuss in forums, report bugs, suggest and vote on new features, contribute code:

Bonus material, "behind the scenes", "deleted scenes":


Good place to start:

Demo Walkthrough:

Architecture Webcast: (this video is meant to be seen after the demo walkthrough)


Now that the baby is out of the door... time for me to start blogging again :)


See you on and let us know what you think!



BIG THANK YOU to Wu Hao, Mandy, Marty, Tim as well as Alex, Ariel and all the Southies at Southworks without you this would not have been possible. I hope I have forgotten anybody, if I have, thank you to you too.