The "meringue effect" or even better, eating a "wind gebaeck"

[not a SaaS post, so if you read this blog exclusively for the SaaS guidance, you can safely skip it :)]

Today I was discussing with Andreas about evangelism, prescriptive guidance and presentations at events in general and the conversation ended up touching upon the "meringue effect". The meringue effect (originally coined as "effetto meringa") was coined by another colleague and friend: Vittorio.

The meringue effect is generally used when one listens to a presentation or reads a whitepaper and realizes that 95 percent of the content is "air". (for those of you not familiar with meringues, they are made from whipped egg whites, and about 95% of the volume of a meringue is air).

Andreas told me that "meringues" are called wind gebaeck in Austria, translation being wind pastries. I love that word... think about it, wind gebaeck: pastry made of wind. 

So, 2 things, 1 request and 1 question:


Have you ever experienced the meringue effect or I suppose using my new terminology felt like "eating a wind gebaeck" when listening to a presentation and/or reading a whitepaper? If you have, I'd love to know what/when it was? Hopefully it was not on this blog or one of my whitepapers :) ... which leads to my request.


The day you start feeling like eating "wind gebaeck" on this blog or on any of the content with my name on, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I am not in the wind pastry's business, and don't want ever to be. So I count on you to keep me out that... or at least letting me know so I can fix it. Thanks!