Coming next…

I’ve been fairly quiet on this blog in the last weeks, since I’ve been working on super-awesome stuff days and nights! Secret telling

Don’t miss the following events:

  • MIX10 – 15-17th March, Las Vegas (US). We will have *amazing* news for Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9 and many other surprises… If you can’t attend the conference, you absolutely can’t miss the keynotes…will be streamed on
    On day 2, after the keynote, you can watch me live on Channel9 Television. The funny thing is that you can ask any question in real time on Twitter! Be nice! Wink


  • TechReady – 22-26th March, Seattle (US). I know it’s a private event for Microsoft employees only, but you are more than welcome to join our parties in the evening if you are around Smile
  • Geek Meet - March 29th, Sweden. Robert promised me pizza, beer and a crowd with a lot of questions about HTML 5, Web Standards and Internet Explorer. Really looking forward to it!
  • Dev Days 2010 – March 30th, Den Haag (Netherland). I’ll be talking about Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7. It’ll be exciting to go back to the origin
  • Tech Days 2010 – April 1-2nd, Antwerp (Belgium). I’ll be talking with my colleagues  Vittorio, Scott, Bart and many others about the coolest stuff from the Redmond campus! Light bulb

Great things are about to happen…stay tuned! Open-mouthed