Deepzoom Composer Export as Composition or Collection?

I was trying the new version of the Deep Zoom Composer…it’s just great!! Between all the new features, the tool now creates a Silverlight 2 application during the exporting process, in order to host your composition...easy peasy thumbs_up

When you are exporting your project, you can select to Export as Composition or Export as Collection.


What is the difference?

  • Collection: The tool will export image by image, creating a folder for each picture (and building the tiles specifically for each image).
    • PRO: you are able to work with single images (showing/hiding/relocating) on runtime. Better support for incremental updates.
    • CONTRO: you need to generate more tiles (thus you will need more space...).
  • Composition: The tool will export the composition as an unique big picture, according to the layout you specify in the "compose tab".
    • PRO: design-optimized version.
    • CONTRO: you can't change the position of images inside the composition at run-time. You will need to replace the whole composition everytime you add a new picture.

Which one is the best option? Personally I would say that Export as Collection is much more flexible and it's probably going to work with most of the scenario. As a developer that likes to write code...I would go for it smile_regular

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