IEAK 8 for Windows 7

The IE8 IEAK (Internet Explorer Administrator Kit) allows you to create, deploy and manage customized Windows Internet Explorer 8 packages.

Several websites have already created their own customized versions of IE8: Yahoo, Ebay, MSN…even Google! Open-mouthed

A question that I’ve been asked often in the last weeks is: “How can I build a custom IE8 package for Windows 7? ”.

Answer: you can follow the IEAK standard procedure, having in mind the following two settings:

  • In the Platform Selection step, select “Windows Vista or Vista SP1 or Server 2008” (either 32bit or 64bit)


  • In the Media Selection step, select “Configuration-only package”


The IEAK will produce a smaller package with all the settings and options that you selected  in the wizard. For more information, please refer to the TechNet documentation.