Errors during TFS 2013 install–and how I worked past them

When you deploy TFS in any environment, you are likely to come across numerous errors which kind of throw you off. Below I am chronicling some of the errors, and how I worked past them, for my own reference. If it helped the reader I am glad.


TF255049: A connection cannot be made to the server running SQL Server.


Reason: The account with which you started the TFS Installer, does not have login privileges into the SQL Server. In this case see below. I started the install with a domain account (BIG\Administrator), and this account is not in the list of logins in SQL Server side. 


Solution: Right Mouse on the Logins node and add “New Login”.



Now retry the previous operation and it should sail through.


TF400081: Cannot connect to the Internet. An Internet connection is needed to be able to install SharePoint.


REASON: You are installing on an isolated domain with no internet connectivity and during SharePoint install, it fails.

SOLUTION#1: Since I am deploying in a Hyper-V lab environemnt, I temporarily connected the machine from where I am installing, via the Hyper-V network switch to the internet. Hit “Re-run Checks” link. Then once youI cleared this error, set it back to point to the internal network. Note that this only happens if you are using the “SharePoint Foundation 2013” that comes with the TFS media. You could also have installed SharePoint separately with all of the pre-requisites required for it, and completely skipped using the default “SharePoint Foundation 2013” that comes along with it.


TF255475: You cannot configure the server because you are not a member of the following server role: serveradmin.


Solution: Pop up the Server Roles node in SQL Server Management Studio and add the current (installation) user to the “SYSADMIN” role as shown below. This can be revoked later. Once the account is added to the “SysAdmin” role, click on “Re-Run” readiness checks.



TF30172: You are trying to create a team project either without required permissions or with a older version of Team Explorer.

This is a misleading error in one sense. This is not due to any permissions issue, when you are using Visual Studio 2012 or Team Explorer 2012. One needs VS 2013 or Team Explorer 2013 to create a Team Project against a TFS 2013 server. I know this bad. The cost effective solution would be to download a free version of Visual Studio 2013 aka Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition and use that to create Team Projects.