Book - Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions

imageHappy New Year! Over the holidays, a book I co-authored with my former colleagues at evangelism group was published by Wrox : Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions (Wrox Programmer to Programmer).

This is my first book and the whole experience was pretty daunting, humbling yet really fun! Seeing one’s name on the bookshelf is truly rewarding and I’d encourage everyone to try it at least once in your lifetime.

With CRM systems being a major workload in the cloud, the book has a chapter on managing customer information in SharePoint Online using CRM Online as the backend (of course)!

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Steve Fox was the driver behind this and it was a great opportunity to team up with him and my other colleagues Paul Stubbs and Donovan Follette to write this book.

Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions is primarily for IT Pros, SharePoint Developers and enthusiasts who want to better understand how to leverage the cloud in/from their SharePoint solutions/installations. Each chapter is designed to expose some form of integration with SharePoint and the cloud. This includes Web 2.0 technologies, Windows Azure, CRM Online and other cloud-based services.

What I believe is most helpful in the book, is that each chapter provides a conceptual overview of the technologies used in building cloud-based solutions. It then provides a high-level architecture for a solution and then lays out the practical step-by-step instructions to walk through a sample concept-to-practical solution. Our intent for the book is not to just talk about what you might do, but to describe the concepts and then show you how to do a small project and get you rolling.

Thanks again to Steve, Paul and Donovan for the opportunity to work with you on this.