CRM Online 2011 Web Services SOAP Sample now ready for Europe & Asia

Updated 26th June 2012: The sample has been modified to use the Windows Live login URLs & URNs that is dynamically sent through the discovery service. Many thanks to Ryan Lo from Marketo for providing the updated sample. This new update makes this post obsolete!

The recent code sample I published on Connecting to CRM Online 2011 Web Services using SOAP Requests Only was well received by many people however a few developers from Europe & Asia mentioned that they were getting (500) Internal Server Error when they were trying out the code. I then realized that CRM 2011 Web Service URLs had a different format in Europe & Asia which helped me to find the culprit.

I signed up for a CRMOnline European trial account and putting the SDK sample under Fiddler inspection revealed that it was a minor change within one of the XML fragments. That’s it, seriously!

 <a:Address></a:Address>  to 

Obviously crm4 is used in our European datacenter and crm5 is used in our Asian datacenter so I had to modify the code to use the appropriate URN address.

 // Create the URN address of the format 
// Replace crm with crm4 for Europe & crm5 for Asia.
string URNAddress = "";
if (CRMUrl.IndexOf("") != -1)
    URNAddress = "";
if (CRMUrl.IndexOf("") != -1)
    URNAddress = "";

You can download the updated code sample here:

All is well again!