Announcing – Southeast User Group Leadership Summit (SEUGLS) 2009

The date is finally announced for the 2009 Southeast User Group Leadership Summit. – October 24, at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta.

If you are the leader of a technology group in the Southeast, please make plans to attend this great day of collaboration and brainstorming on how to make user groups more successful. The group certainly does not have to be Microsoft focused at all! In fact, we’ve had leaders from groups sign up to attend that focus on ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Linux, and more. I think that’s awesome, and a great opportunity for everyone to network.

I’d also encourage you to attend if you are otherwise heavily involved with the community but not group leaders yourselves. Examples would be evangelists from Microsoft, Adobe and the like. Also, if you are affiliated with INETA, Culminis or other organizations that support groups.

The event will include time for networking, as well as an evening reception with food & drink, and xBox gaming. We’re not starting until lunchtime, so those of you constrained on expenses can drive in that morning.

Register today at

Does anyone with graphic skills want to take a stab at a logo?