Atlanta Geek Dinner Redux (and why I haven't blogged in a while)

Sorry for the long blogging break. Summer gets that way, you know? Even now I'm supposedly on vacation this week. Or should I say, I'll start my vacation after I finish this, and these, and that other thing... Oh well.

Taking a break from blogging bums me out because I get this backlog of things I should write about, like what a great pub club we had in Atlanta (pictures where my 5 year old daughter helped pick the names and distribute the prizes. Or the answers to questions asked at the event that are sitting pinned to my bulletin board that I promised to answer and put on my blog. Or some follow up resources from some webcasts I did a few weeks ago on mobile web development.

I decided to skip over all those things and at least get this out there - that the Atlanta Geek Dinner is being revived by none other than the ADO guy himself, Shawn Wildermuth. Go here to RSVP. I'm trying to make it there myself.. Remember, geek is just beer with a different starting letter and a different ending letter. :-)

Like the movie Memento I'll just put those things onĀ  my blog soon and though they will be out of order, at least you'll get to read them someday. I hope.