Buffer? I don't even know her!

OK, so the headline references an old joke but it kind of describes my situation. I spent the majority of my years programming in the VB world starting with 3.0. (Don't ask me about the Clipper stuff I did either.) So, not having delved very much into C and C++ in my 12 years of programming I wanted to make sure I had my ducks in a row when preparing for our new March and April content in MSDN Live. I found these two really good articles that describe buffer overruns in detail.

The first article talks about buffer overruns in general and the advent of managed code. It gives you 3 golden rules to follow when coding in C or C++.

This second article covers buffer overruns as well, but it focuses in more depth on what the /GS compile option does in Visual C++ .NET and the benefits it provides.

Anyway, since we'll be covering buffer overruns in our sessions, if you've not been exposed to them I encourage you to read the articles so you have a good baseline for attending the event.