high resolution

I'm about to take the entire rest of December off. Common belief holds that I ought to be using that time to reflect on my life, my goals, and my values. Instead I'll be playing with the kids, visiting with family, catching up on all those TiVoed episodes of Desparate Housewives (I admit it!) and hoping the rest of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica that I missed comes around. And when the new year kicks off, I hope that it finds me blogging more. Because I want to blog more. I really do. I want to write about interesting stuff and have people read it and - doggone it - enjoy it. But I'm no Rory yet, or even a Remde. So I resolve to blog more in 2006. Yes, that's what I'll do. I also resolve to quit working late at night, but if I do, I'll let my blog be more stream-of-consciousness and see what happens.

Maybe I can't get good at blogging because I'm not opinionated enough. Or perhaps I am opinionated, just about the wrong things for this subject area (technology) or outlet (blogging). Should I resolve to become opinionated about technology, or would that just make me less enjoyable to be around?

I also resolve to try to answer more post-event questions from webcast and live attendees. Sometimes it seems that Microsoft is this black hole where you send a question and never hear back again. I know that ticks you off. It would tick me off too. So for all those people who sent me questions and never heard back, sorry about that. I will try to be on top of those things more and if I don't know the answer I'll tell you that too.

I'll finish this post up with a request. If anyone still reads this, please let me know through the comments your thoughts on any events or webcasts from Microsoft for which I was the presenter this past year. I'd like to know!