Interested in re-energizing the user group in Greensboro/High Point?

In just a few weeks I'll be bringing the latest MSDN Events to the Triad area (as well as Greenville, SC). You can register via those links as well as see details about the topics we're covering - VSTS Database Edition, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Expression Web.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to ask for your help, readers. If you are interested in re-energizing the Greensboro user group, please make plans to stay after the MSDN event on Tuesday. We'll go grab dinner at a nearby establishment and plan out how to go about this revitalization. It's important to me to see user groups succeed because they are such a critical local resource for developers!

Ashton, if you are reading this, please try to join us. If you have been finding it too much of a strain running the group, maybe this will attract some new blood to help you out. I'm not trying to usurp any organization or authority - just trying to make sure the group succeeds.

Please let your peers know about these events, as well as the special meeting after the MSDN event.