ReMIX Atlanta wrap up

This past weekend was the ReMIX Atlanta event. Lots of planning led up to this great event, and I want to congratulate the organizers on pulling it off! A fantastic .NET Rocks road trip show with Carl and Richard the night before added to the fun. The awesome keynote by Brandon Watson coupled with the first public viewing of new Windows Phone 7 devices in Atlanta made this quite a weekend for tech in Atlanta.

This is the first time the local community attempted an event where there were significant venue and food costs. Thanks to the many sponsors of the event, the price was only $25 for the event, and I happened to overhear people saying it was well worth that.

I think there was some great interaction by the various user groups including Atlanta .NET, Atlanta Microsoft Professionals, Silverlight Atlanta and Atlanta Web Designers group. Even Celia Dyer from TechDrawl dropped by for the fun. Let’s hope this is the beginning of continued collaboration from all of Atlanta’s developer and designer community! I’m a little sad I signed on to present a session, because in addition to the Win Phone and web/Silverlight track, there was (I hear) an outstanding UX track that I wanted to catch.

Let me know through feedback below if you liked the event, and if you would like to see more in this format. Some pictures are below, followed by my resources for my talk. For more pictures visit and read all about the twitter buzz at

For my talk, I presented the Windows Phone and the Cloud session. Here are some useful links for Windows Phone 7 development. Here you can find all the downloads as well as resources and code samples has a lot of great videos on Windows Phone 7 development - Windows Phone Developer Team Blog  How to simulate Geo Location - Earthware mapping blog’s Bing Maps Location Aware App