TechDays '08 Atlanta

Tech Days '08 is in Atlanta on September 23-25, 2008 at the Sheraton Atlanta downtown . More information is at

In addition to the main sessions, during those 3 days we will be holding additional developer and architect talks in the morning. These Chalk Talks (listed below) do not require registration. If you are coming for the afternoon, come a little earlier in the day to catch one of these interesting smaller talks!

Tuesday, September 23

8:30 AM - Developing Applications for Windows Mobile - Rob Cameron, Microsoft
Attend this talk to find out what types of applications you can build for Windows Mobile as well as the tools and technologies to get started.

9:45 AM - XNA Game Studio Development for Zune - Rob Cameron, Microsoft
XNA Game Studio can create games for Xbox and Windows. With XNA Game Studio 3.0 game creators can now build games for the Zune music player. Come learn about the tools and technologies to get started.

11:00 AM - Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio - Brian Johnson, Microsoft
Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio is a Windows-based environment for creating robotics applications that can be used with the most popular research, commercial, and hobbyist robots available today. See a demonstration of  Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio and learn how the programming tools and runtime can be used to explore robotics concepts and to control some of these robots.  In this session, you’ll also learn about a  Microsoft initiative called Robochamps ( RoboChamps is a new robotics programming league built on the simulation functionality provided in Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.

Wednesday, September 24

8:30 AM - Can we use SharePoint for That? - Doug Ware, Elumenotion
Since the introduction of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint has become a popular Web application development platform. If your organization has spent the money on SharePoint, sooner or later, someone will ask the question: Can we use SharePoint for That? In this presentation, we’ll talk about some of the pros and cons for using SharePoint as an application development platform in a few different hypothetical scenarios and cover a few tips and tricks for handling the project should you decide the answer is ‘yes’.

9:45 AM - Deep Dive into the ASP.NET AJAX Update Panel - Wallace McClure, Scalable Development
This session is a deep dive into the ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel.  The UpdatePanel provides for a mechanism to add client side Ajax capabilities through a server side control.  After a quick introduction, we'll explore debugging, the client side interface, error handling, the data format it uses, and how to manage browser history.

11:00 AM - LINQ Deep Dive - Jim Wooley, Author of "LINQ in Action"
LINQ offers new ways of dealing with data regardless of the source. In this session, we will look at the language innovations that enable LINQ and discuss how these abstractions facilitate using the same language integrated features to work with the varied data sources.

Thursday, September 25

9:00 AM - Overview of Visual Studio Team System "Rosario" - David Scruggs, Microsoft
How can you more quickly understand and evolve an application that you've never seen? How do you manipulate the existing architecture in light of new business requirements? How do you validate the logical architecture against existing patterns and design rules? Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" Architecture Edition integrates logical modeling using UML-compliant diagrams and physical modeling using DSL diagrams with first class support for .NET. Armed with the ability to see into the system's code to quickly understand the context of necessary change, developers and architects can quickly identify the impact of a change. The ability to overlay metrics generated from other application lifecycle activities such as code analysis, profiling, testing etc. into these model diagrams will make these artifacts first class citizens that are valued by both architects and developers.

10:30 AM - ALM Open Space
Do you have questions about Application Lifecycle Management and its role in your organization?  Come to this Open Space, where you define the discussion.  We will have a panel of industry experts ready to talk through your issues with application definition, design, development, testing, deployment and management. Panelist include Chad Brooks, Microsoft; David Scruggs, Microsoft; Keith Rome, Wintellect; Jason Tapp, Cogentes; Dan Sloan, Wintellect

4 Tenets of Open Space

  1. Whoever comes is the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time
  4. When it's over, it's over

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