Visual Studio 2008 Install Fun in Columbia SC

Last night I was pleased to help out with the Visual Studio 2008 Installfest held in Columbia, SC. It was put on by the Columbia .NET user group. About 25 people turned out, most with computers, eager to get those bits on their system. So we provided free copies of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition to everyone who attended!

IMG_3847 IMG_3850

Before too long, the lucky participants had the setup for Visual Studio 2008 up and running without a hitch.

IMG_3862 IMG_3863


While the installs were running, some took the opportunity to jam on the copy of Rock Band I brought along for the XBOX 360.

IMG_3845  IMG_3870 IMG_3867

I also have some video to post, look for that in a couple of days.

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