Welcome Silverlight 3!

Today marks the official release of the best technologies and tools yet for building rich & interactive Internet web applications. Almost 2 years ago, Silverlight 1.0 set the stage. Then Silverlight 2.0 brought even more power, but Silverlight 3 is where things are really going to take off.

One of the things I appreciate about the teams working on Silverlight and its related tools is it’s not just about cramming more features in (although there are some cool new features like being able to run out of browser, save and open files, etc). They really take the time to understand the workflow that designers and developers follow. Case in point – watch the “Visual Kitchen” video on the launch site (click on the Keynote button on the top). It’s a cute idea – design experience as gourmet cooking – but you’ll forgive the slight goofiness of the premise once they get into the demos. It’s an amazing illustration of using the new SketchFlow capabilities to address many ways designers and developers work with clients, regardless of whether that client is another department or your paying customer. :)

So download all the latest tools for Silverlight 3 at http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/ and… get started!