What's up with the MSDN events schedule this year?

Now that I've put forth the upcoming Southeast MSDN events here in my blog, I need to explain how the schedule has been affected. Before I do that, however, I want to express my huge thanks to everyone who's ever turned out for an MSDN Event. It's you who drive our attendance numbers up and enable us to continue bringing you this cool resource.

That being said, as is the case sometimes, we've been forced to cut our number of events this fiscal year (which just started July 1). So unfortunately, some of the great cities I've been to like Greenville and Greensboro have been reduced from 4 events throughout the fiscal year to just 2 events. Several of you have sent emails asking why your cities are not on the list of events for Fall, and although this is unfortunate it is the way of life with free events. I assure you that I fought hard to keep as many of "my cities" on the list that I could. On the positive side, this gives me more time to participate in webcasts, code camps and user groups.

I know that longer drives can be frustrating but I hope you can make it to the events that are not in your town. Thanks again for your support!