Windows 8–Are you developing for it? Why or why not?

Windows 8 is coming. And with it, huge developer opportunities.

Lots of developers are getting their apps ready for the store. Are you one of them? Are you considering it? Answer these questions and let me know where you stand on Windows 8 development. If you live in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, I’ll pick 3 random winners from those who send feedback by Wednesday, October 17 at noon to win a $20 Xbox live points card. And if you have an app in the store, I’ll pick 3 to award a $50 Xbox live points card just for telling me about your experience.

Here are the questions:

If you have created any Windows 8 apps:

  • What do they do?
  • When do you expect them to be published? If they are published, please send me the link. If not, what’s the reason?

If you have not created any Windows 8 apps:

  • Why not? Are you waiting for something in particular? If so, what?
  • When do you think you might start?

Do you do development for other platforms/phones? Is Windows 8 more or less appealing? Why?

Send me the responses using the contact me form (I have to do that to track the responses received via this blog post).