Is desktop computing dead?

While the tablets, smart phones are increasing the market share of the clients and cloud computing is increasingly dominating the software requires complicated logistics, the question naturally arises, is the desktop dead? 

I would say desktop is losing a lot of its mind share due to the popularity of the tablets and smart phones, but there are two types of the computing are hard to be replaced in the near future. The first type of the applications is those applications that intensive in graphics, such as first person shooting games, simulation games, video editing, 3D CAD software, etc. The graphics cards on mobile phones are not going to get a lot more powerful in near future due to the consumption of the energy  and the battery life of the tablets. Those graphic intensive applications are not going to move to mobile. Moving to cloud is possible but that is going to take a while. 

The second category of the applications that desktop application are going to continuously dominant are those applications require specific ergonomic needs, for example,  Microsoft Word. Some writers need to write/edit documents for 6-8 hours per day, including frequent typing on the keyboard,  tablets are too small to type for a prolonged period of time. For example, Microsoft Visual Studio, software engineers need desktop and big screens to look at code, edit the code, run test them. This is also very unlikely to go mobile in the foreseeable future.