Three days with my Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8

Last Saturday, I purchased a Lumia 920 from AT&T store at Bellevue Square. We first came there on Friday night, we waited for about an hour, then the store manager comes out telling us given the store closing time, we are unlikely to be able to make it that night. She took our names and ask us to return the next day without the need to wait inline again. 

The next morning, I came, still there were only black color available for Lumia 920. In about 20 minutes, I got mine all setup. This is the second time that I get a hand held device, last time was 10 years ago, a Dell Axim. You can still buy it on ebay, but honestly, it wasn't too usful for me. I let it sleep in my bedroom most of the time. This time, it is different, because all the PDA functionalities are integrated with the Phone, I got to carry the device anywhere I go.  Here are the recollection of my experience with it. 

The exterior, the exterior of the phone is extremely polished, it appears it has two camera, one front, one back. I haven't used the front one yet, the few pictures I have taken using the back camera are all looking nicely. I suspect the quality of the pictures taken by the camera itself can match most of the 200$ digital camera. I haven't tried the front facing camera yet. 

The display, the display is also very very beautiful, it has almost the same number of the pixels as most of the laptops, since the screen size of a phone is much smaller than the display of a desktop, the picture shown on the phone gives you a better sense of quality. When the same display technology applied on desktop/TV, a new wave of visualization/entertainment revolution would be coming. 

The integration, the phone has a very well integrated with different technology, even beyond Microsoft, it works well my home and work wifi. It works well with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. When I say well, I mean it really works very stably. 

The user experience, to be honest, the user experience is reasonably well. They pretty much ported Zune's UI framework. I tried iPhone, I do not feel iPhone's UI have less glitches than Windows Phone.

The apps, there are decent number of apps in the app store. There at least three ways to get on facebook. 

The disappointment, the biggest disappointment I have with the phone so far is the haptic response when I click any one of the button at the bottom of the screen. Even worse, there are no officially supported way to turn it off!!! It is hurting the battery life of the phone. 

Overall, I am having a great time with my Lumia 920.